National Kneeboard contest at NWSC – the results are in

kneeboard towFirst and foremost an extremely big thank you to Alan Goode who put so much time and effort into organizing this event and devoted so much time repairing the slalom course.  This kind of event just couldn’t happen without somebody picking it up and running with it and Alan did a fine job of making this weekend happen.   Busy day at the lake with various divisions in both slalom and trick knee-boarding but a well deserved congratulations to both David Lindley and Matt Allen, NWSCs’ own members, as not only did they enter but they placed 2nd and 3rd in both slalom and trick 2nd division beating out seasoned riders who are on the tour.  David Lindley placed 3rd in Slalom and trick, Matt Allen placed 2nd in slalom and trick, feel free to congratulate them when you see them – they deserve it.   Thanks to all the members to who showed up to show their support for the event.

and the winners are.....

and the winners are…..

Kneeboard day