Club Fees:

  • Family: £400
  • Single Adult: £200
  • Student: £125
  • Junior (under 19): £50
  • *Boat Permit: £50

Joining Fees:

  • Family: £100
  • Single Adult: £50
  • Student: £25
  • Junior (under 19): £25
  • Key Fee: £20


  • Family: £89
  • Single Adult: £52
  • Student: £26
  • Junior £20

*Boat Permit: Additional fee for boat time slots, only applies to boat owner membership.

**BWSF-NB: This is compulsory, if you are already a member a valid BWSF card must be submitted with our membership in order for the membership to be accepted, membership will expire when your BWSF expires so a renewed card would be needed in order to continue membership.

***SBDA: ALL members are required to hold an SBDA or SBD2 license to drive on the lake.

All members must insure their boat through GJW Direct who provide the “British Water Ski Approved Boat Insurance Scheme” telephone 01905 758430 if your boat is currently insured by someone else as long as your levels of cover is the same (or more) than our members insurance you can join the club, and just renew with GJW Direct once your insurance finishes. If your level of cover is less than you will need to take out the GJW Direct insurance as soon as you join.

Boat sizes used to be limited to 20′, but modern competition boats are now larger than this, so as a basic rule of thumb if your boat is designed primarily for lake use then there should be no issue. The problem comes if your boat is more aimed at sea use, because our slalom course sits approx. 1 metre below the lakes surface and sea going boats tend to sit deeper in the water there could be the potential for the boat to come in to contact with the course, if this is the case we couldn’t accept such a boat. If you have any queries regarding your boats suitability please email the clubs committee at This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it and we can investigate, as a rough  guide the boats beam should be no more than 8ft 6″ and the depth at the bottom of the prop leg be no more than 3ft  (this is known as draft)

Club Rules

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SBD2 (SBDA) Tests